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The Complete Rebrand: Introducing The Copy Brew

We’re finally talking about the rebrand that we did with Jess Avolio as we’ve been busy making major changes to the blog. We announced our rebrand on Instagram in May when we went into lockdown in Singapore, (yes I know) 6 months now since we introduced THE COPY BREW to our community! The idea behind […]

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Meet Cheryl
Cheryl Goh is the Owner, Copywriter & Lead Editor of The Copy Brew. Welcome to the blog where you'll find copywriting and messaging tips, resources and more!
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With all that’s been going on instagram this week and worldwide, especially in the US with black lives matters, the murder of George Floyd, my heart breaks for anyone who has faced racism. I feel very strongly about the topic of racism because being Asian, coming from Singapore, I’ve travelled to London, Paris, UK, Ireland, […]


If you’ve been following me on my instagram and keeping up to date, you would have known I made a huge announcement that the 351 Digital brand will be undergoing a complete rebrand. This may or may not come to a shock to a lot of you because it’s something has been in the works […]


Am I writing too much or too little? How do I know when to stop writing?I’ve had this question come up a lot lately, there is no right or wrong to writing too much or too little, we often are concerned if we are being repetitive in our website copy or we are worried that […]


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Cheryl Goh
Owner, Copywriter & Lead Editor

Hi I'm Cheryl! Come on in and join the brew, we're so glad to have you here on this journey with us and your journey has just begun. We believe words have the power to truly elevate a brand's presence aside from design. When written well, your words should sell for you, not the other way around. So step right in, your first brew's on us! 



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