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We’re finally talking about the rebrand that we did with Jess Avolio as we’ve been busy making major changes to the blog. We announced our rebrand on Instagram in May when we went into lockdown in Singapore, (yes I know) 6 months now since we introduced THE COPY BREW to our community!

The idea behind The Copy Brew was inspired by cafes and coffee shops that most of us go to work with our laptops, of course we always head up to the front counter and order our coffee or tea and the barista brews up your drink of choice.

I always had this idea in my head that sitting in a coffee shop environment could evolve into a place that people evolved and connected with the community around them, formed relationships, friendships which is also where people to go get work done.

Another one of the green lights was that our previous branded photos were always taken in cafes, because me and Ray wanted to capture me in a working environment, we always shot in cafes and it wasn’t intentional. We were always trying to make the name “351 Digital Consultancy” fit with our brand and it felt really stiff and corporate to say such a long name which never resonated with our brand values.

The idea of how words can be brewed when you sit down in a cafe to work, sip on your brew of choice kept churning in my head. I knew since i entered my second year of business this year that it was time to pivot my business in terms of the business name even before the pandemic hit us. Which was when I started asking friends, family and industry partners we work with all the time if it made sense.

The entire idea behind The Copy Brew and how it all came out was how as a creative virtual hub where we’re able to come together as a community and cultivate relationships, collaborations with our industry partners and work together to form The Copy Brew community. Ultimately, without a great web design, good copy can’t be visualised, and we always collaborate with web designers on our clients’ copywriting projects.

Brand Identity By Jess Avolio

We follow a ton of creative branding and web designers and have loved their work for a very long time, when the time came to search for a brand designer, I started going through my list and looking through their works to see which one had resonated with my style and felt could bring my brand story to life. Also factoring into consideration budget, because I knew that I could not afford to spend $3k and above on branding, and we finally decided to work with Jess from J Avolio.

Jess absolutely brought my vision to life on the first revision round, she added textures into the primary and secondary logo that could be versatile and used across our website, client welcome guides, social media and our business cards.

We decided to add illustrations to our branding to further elevate the brand experience, also illustrating how our “brewing process” is, from the coffee seeds, brewing the beans and serving up the coffee. It was the most realistic way to be able to visualise the entire coffee shop environment, one can only reminisce the smell of coffee beans.

I immediately started browsing pinterest for cafe and coffee shop environments I best felt represented my brand values, which I was very clear since the 351 Digital Consultancy days.

To be very honest, prior to rebranding, we had our brand values and communication guidelines towards our audience all set in stone, the only thing that didn’t line up was the visual identity.

Which brings me to my next point, you cannot craft a stand out brand without a solid brand strategy, messaging and core values in place, you’ve heard us say this over and over again and for good reason. Therefore, the rebrand process and bringing the TCB vision to life for Jess was very easy, because everything outright was crystal clear in terms of our brand strategy.

Warm Tones & Colour Palette

Jess curated a warm colour palette filled with browns, and I absolutely loved how she named each of the shades. This further brought the warm, comforting and approachable environment to life, when we launched on instagram, everyone had sent us messages saying how at home and cosy the entire brand felt and we knew we nailed the colour palette.

The rebrand was such a huge success, everything I wanted and more, I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out and how much like a coffee shop The Copy Brew represents.

Our TCB community on instagram started skyrocketing in followers (I know followers are not everything) and to see what a massive change in our branding could have on our leads, enquiries and being fully booked out just made me instantly feel that the time I had spent building my business since I graduated university in 2018 has all been worth it.

We’re already in November 2020 now, so much has happened this year, it’s shaken the entire world up but I believe that there’s good in every situation and The Copy Brew rebrand is by far one of the best decisions we’ve made and one of the best investments too!

We hope you love The Copy Brew brand identity, website, social media as much as we’ve shared the launch and success of our brand with our community. We can’t wait to take you on this journey of growing the brand!

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