Why Knowing Your Audience Is Important

#1 Copywriting is a law 

When people first hear the word “copywriting” for the first time will think that it’s a law. More than that, copywriting is the science of using words, to get someone to act, to feel and ultimately sell them your services. 

It’s all about using the right words, to convey a clear and concise message through to the right audience. 

Fixing the misconception

It is important to explain to your audience that copywriting is more than just words on social media platforms and on a website.

It is about knowing your big brand message, knowing what you stand for, all the way to what you say and every touch point to your audience even when things go wrong.

#2 Copywriting is easy 

It’s commonly thought that writing your website copy is just like writing shopping lists and to do lists. So writing your social media captions and website copy can’t be that different right? 

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Writing your website copy requires a lot of preparation, research and planning to know what your business vision, mission and target audience is. 

There are a lot of technical aspects of copywriting that are common misconceptions such as choosing the right words. 

Fixing the misconception

During a consultation call with your potential client that doesn’t understand the investment of hiring a copywriter and thinks that someone else that charges lesser than you can write better copy. 

It is important to reiterate the take pricing out of the picture and reiterate the value of your service. It’s also a chance during the consultation call to assess if the potential client is a good fit for you to work with. If not, you can recommend an editor to your client if they choose to write their own copy. 

#3 Copywriting is a quick process 

More than anything, copywriting is usually the longest process before building your website. It’s not just about writing copy, you need to know who you’re speaking to, your audience and how you want to convey that message across to them. 

Fixing the misconception

If something is easy, it won’t necessarily take a long time to do. The copywriting process is such a long process because of the amount of research and being able to relate to the shoes of the client you’re writing for. 

Being able to understand their brand story from beginning to end to craft a compelling story for their website. Explaining to your clients being clear and realistic about how long the process will take, factoring the other projects you have ongoing. 

Never be afraid to stand your ground and say no to a client if their requests are beyond your expectations as shortcutting your writing process often leads to more revisions.

Share with us some of the misconceptions you’ve had about copywriting!

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