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Am I writing too much or too little? How do I know when to stop writing?
I’ve had this question come up a lot lately, there is no right or wrong to writing too much or too little, we often are concerned if we are being repetitive in our website copy or we are worried that we are not writing enough.

Today’s blog post will provide you with a guide to how many words are ideal for your home, about and sales page.

Home Page

Your home page is the first thing that people see and your one shot to make a lasting first impression for your audience. Every home page is different, You want to keep your brand message straight to the point and easy to understand.

Chances are, you have less than 1 minute if not 30 seconds to capture your readers’ attention before they decide to click out of your home page.

Including a call to action button is key, not only for your home page but for every single page on your website. Yes, you heard me right, every page. You want to keep your reader’s attention span on your website as long as possible, so as to give them a reason to stay.

Keep your home page between 100-260 words. 

About Page

An about page should not be about you and your business. No doubt, it is to provide your readers with a brief introduction about who you are and what you do, but that’s not the main point here.

The main point is to let your readers know how YOU can HELP them, people don’t need to know about your life story, they want you to reassure them how you’re best able to help them through your business and services.

A good word count is to stick between 200-500 words. 

Sales Page

The sales page is the one that gets a lot of people feeling overwhelmed, which is the most time-consuming part about writing your website copy. It’s easy to get stuck and forget about what to write.

Always remember to start by addressing your audience’s struggles and pain points, then state the benefits of your product only when you start to talk about investment and pricing at the very last part.

People truly don’t care about what you do, or what’s included in your service, they care about HOW your products and services can help SOLVE their problem.I’m not going to lie, the sales page is the most time-consuming process of writing your website copy.

If you get stuck, think of your target audience, putting your audience at the forefront of your business decisions and when writing your website copy is a good indication of how you should be writing your sales page.

It’s about directly communicating towards your audience, think about the key message you would want them to take away. What product/service offering is your business trying to sell on the sales page? That should be the end goal in mind of your reader.

Stick to a word count of 600-850 words. 

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Brand messaging
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